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Brisbane is “the city of sunshine”, but why do they call it “the city of sunshine”, and why is it a tourist magnet?

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland and is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia. Brisbane has 2.5 million inhabitants and is the third-largest city in Australia. I also want to add that the city of sunshine has the third-busiest air- and seaport. Brisbane is also an academic city, that’s why the technology is more advanced than other countries. With three academies, they have a brilliant education. The city of technology is located on the Brisbane river, but that is not why Brisbane called Brisbane.

The history of Brisbane

For that, we have to look a little bit in the history. In the year 1823, the soldier and explorer John Oxley landed on the Brisbane river. The original colony was found in the year 1824, but a year later, they moved upstream to the area, which is now the town center. A couple of years later, in 1842, the penal colony was dissolved. From now on, Brisbane got released for free to settle. After the secession of New South Wales in the year 1859, Brisbane was now the capital of Queensland. Until 1902, the town officially granted town rights. With the merge of several villages, settlements and administrative district, finally the foundation stone for today’s Brisbane finally laid in 1925.

The climate of Brisbane

But now, let’s get back to the point why Brisbane is “the city of sunshine”. Because the climate is in Brisbane very special, they don’t have a cold winter. From July to September they have winter, in this time they have an average weather up to ten degrees. From December to March they have an average weather up to 40 degrees. So we have a subtropical climate in Brisbane.

Activities in Brisbane

Especially in Brisbane, you can do many fantastic things. In the center of Brisbane you have many shopping malls to shop like the MacArthur Central Shopping Center. A little bit away from the city you will find the D’Aguilar National Park where you can relax. Another place I would like to add is the Warner Bros Movie World. The entry costs 60$, but It’s worth it. With man attractions and shows, you will have the best day of your life. For people who are interested in arts, Brisbane has got a gallery of art in the town center.

Here in Australia, you have to pay with the Australian dollar, but be careful who changes your money. Some people give you not the real exchange rate. But the crime rates in Brisbane are not so much as in Sydney. So you don’t have to worry about criminality. But if something happens, you can call the police (000).


So In my opinion, the capital of Queensland is a must if you travel to Australia. A city with many cultures and history. In addition, you can visit and see many things. The powerful Skyscrapers give you the feeling like you are in New York. So I hope we see us in Brisbane.

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